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FreeCreditPhone offers Free Call, Cheap Calls, Integrates PlaySpan UltimatePay Global Payment platform.

Bleam Technology Ventures Inc (BTV) Inc is pleased to announce integration of PlaySpan UltimatePay Global Payments platform. UltimatePay is currently in use by major online companies worldwide. With UltimatePay customers can choose from 85 plus payment options in over 180 countries. BTV Inc continues to offer free call, cheap calls and recently upgraded the service to top quality VoIP routes.

With over 54,000 plus customers worldwide, our customer can now choose from variety of local payments options. UltimatePay offers alternatives to credit cards and reduces the risks of online credit card fraud. Customers can redeem their Ultimate Game Card for cheap calls on Customers can purchase the Ultimate Game Card at leading retailers including WalMart, 7 Eleven, CVS Pharmacy, Best Buy, Blockbuster and GameStop. Customers can also make payment through via Western Union, MoneyGram, pay by echeck or mobile payment.

“In addition to instant payment through paypal, the UltimatePay global payment platform offers great alternatives and recognized payment brands for our customers as we expand our services worldwide.” say Francis Assif

Customers can sign up for free call and cheap calls at

BTV Inc owns a proprietary VoIP platform. The company has zero debt and zero liabilities, self-sustained and generates positive cash flow. With over 54,000 plus customers, BTV Inc has grown substantially every quarter and will continue to operate and exceed all of our forecasts as the company has shown in the past.

About BTV Inc

Bleam Technology Ventures Inc. is a privately owned mobile VoIP company. The company develops mobile and VoIP products and services. Visit for more information on products and services.